Vaccuum Food Sealer - $103.38

These are two apple seeds, and I'm ready to plant them on my property. To think that such a small seed can grow a huge tree that will in turn grow a huge number of apples year after year.. is mind boggling. And this shows the magnificence of God's technolgy.

People today are so obsessed with modern human created technology, that they can't notice the far superior technology that has been around for ages.

I mean consider this seed. It's a tiny amount of matter. Inside of this tiny spec, is a huge amount of code that will run itself as soon as this seed ends up in the right conditions. And it can store itself for a very long time, until those conditions present themselves. That feat has not been met by modern technology. When people create something, they require a huge amount of materials to make it. What nature does, is it starts with a tiny amount of material and then includes code with it to grow it to full size. It's like creating a car that could be shipped to people as a tiny chip, that will grow itself into a car when it reaches its destination.

God's technology grows itself, fixes itself, reproduces itself, adopts to its surroundings, and recycles itself.

Imagine a car that fixes scratches by itself, that refills its gas and oils by itself, that fixes its parts if they become dirty or break. And yet all of God's inventions do just that.

People can make robots now with a certain amount of features and intelligence. But think robots that can create new robots with unlimited range of variations from one robot to another. God's creatures can do just that.

There is huge rage about AI now. So what is AI? It's technology that can analyze information it recieves and adopt. God's nature has been doing that for ages.

Did you think about how there is no garbage in nature? When something loses its use, it will get disassambled by the ultimate nanotechnology of bacteria into materials that will be used for building something else. That is something human technology is far away from.


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