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'Oumuamua: Interste

Nothing like it has ever been seen before. The unusual space rock 'Oumuamua is so intriguing mainly because it is the first asteroid ever detec

Big Dipper over Pyr

When did you first learn to identify this group of stars? Although they are familiar to many people around the world, different cultures have assoc

NGC 7822: Stars and

Within the nebula, bright edges and complex dust sculptures dominate this detailed skyscape taken in infrared light by NASA's Wide Field Infrar

Major Fireball Mete

The sky glows with soft pinkish colors of fading twilight in this serendipitous mountaintop vista. Taken in subfreezing temperatures, the thoughtfu


Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea is an elongated embayment of the Mediterranean Sea located between the Greek and Anatolian peninsulas, i.e., between the mainlands o

Sugar Maple Tree

Acer saccharum, the sugar maple or rock maple, is a species of maple native to the hard

Baghdad Battery

The Baghdad Battery or Parthian Battery is a set of three artifacts which were found together: a ceramic pot, a tube of copper, and a rod of iron.

Atomic Number

The atomic number or proton number (symbol 'Z') of a chemical element is the number of protons found in the nucleus of an atom. It is ident

Science Discussion

Where did the rainbo

Rainbow is a representation of the visible light spectrum. It requires rain and Sun to be seen. Visible light coming from the Sun, co

Is the asteroid belt

There has been a theory proposed a while back that hypothesized an asteroid belt to be the remains of an exploded planet. I've he

Is the sun getting b

Through internal nuclear reactions, hydrogen atoms inside the Sun are converted into helium atoms all the time. Over time, this causes a change in

Where do Perseids co

Beginning in the late July and peaking around August 12th each year, the earth passes through the remains of the tail of a comet called Comet Swift

Featured Articles

Why stars cannot for

It has been believed for some time that stars can form from a collapsing nebula. But is it actually possible? Let's look at processes that woul

How long did it take

According to currently accepted models, light travels at the same speed in all parts of the universe, and it has always traveled at this speed. Dis

What is the purpose

A short article on the purpose of our Moon, what it was created for, as well as it's role in sustaining life on our planet.

The Big Bang Theory:

This article explores the realistic challanges an early universe would experience if it tried exploding out of itself in the beginning.

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