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The Weird and Wonderful W...

About Wobbegong, another odd and unique creature of Australia

What's a Doppler Effect?

Explanation of the Doppler Effect concept

What are Cepheids?

Definition of Cepheids, their subclasses, and important astronomical concepts they have helped us discover.

Available NASA Web Tools ...

Web applications developed by NASA to explore the surface of planet Mars.

How similar is Kepler-452...

As much as we're hyped up about discovering the closest thing to Earth in the big universe, let's run through the facts of what we know and don't know.

Pluto flyby - what we fou...

As New Horizons spacecraft flew by Pluto a few days ago, here are some of the first impressions we've received.

Why is NGC 6240 tangled?

Hubble's revisit of the NGC 6240 reveals the reason behind the tangled region of the galaxy

Using Radial Velocity Met...

Radial Velocity Method is one of the methods used to detect planets around stars other than the Sun.

How is wireless data tran...

Hopefully an understandable explanation of how audio and video data is encoded, sent, and received by our cell phones, computers, TVs, etc.