Solar System

Europa - a moon of Jupiter

Europa seems to be covered with a layer of ice. And beneath that layer, is believed to be an ocean which covers the entire globe. If there is that

Titan - Saturn's Moon

We have good imagery of this moon, because Cassini spacecraft was flying around it from 2004 to 2013. The moon has valleys, lakes, an

Scattered Disc - an outer asteroid belt of the Solar System

The belt is populated by icy minor planets. These minor planets are scarce and far removed from each other. The nearest objects in the belt are at

Asteroid Belt

The asteroid belt is a collection of rocks between planets Mars and Jupiter. Some of these rocks are classified as asteroids. Some are minor planet

Is the asteroid belt an exploded planet?

There has been a theory proposed a while back that hypothesized an asteroid belt to be the remains of an exploded planet. I've he

What is a Centaur

There are an estimated 44,000 of them in the Solar System. And no it's not a mythological creature that is half human half horse. Although they


Makemake is 2/3 the diameter of Pluto. Average temperature is estimated at 30K (-243.2 C). That is cold. Well, it's quite far fro

Kuiper Belt

Basic Facts: Former planet Pluto is one of the objects in this belt. The Kuiper Belt extends from abou

Ceres the asteroid or dwarf planet

Ceres is about the size of Texas. Though it comprises 25% of the total mass of the asteroid belt, it still is smaller than even the tiny Pluto, 14

The 5 moons of Pluto

Pluto has been demoted from the status of a planet after similar planets were discovered in its vicinity. Now it is a dwarf planet. But it still be

Our Sun

Our sun is a yellow dwarf star, a hot sphere of burning gases, 27 million degrees F. at the core. It is composed of 71% hydrogen and 27% helium. It