What is the purpose of the Sun?

We are benefiting from the Sun in quite a few ways. Being at just the right distance from us, it is the source of energy for our planet,

What are quasars

Quasars are very distant objects in space. They are relatively small objects that can be as bright as an entire galaxy.  They are among the br

What is a pulsar

When a massive star explodes, it collapses into a small dense star. These neutron stars spin very quickly, and emit pulses of radio waves. When the

Sun's energy output and how we're protected from it

Nuclear reactions inside the Sun raise its temperature to millions of degrees. About 8 billion tons of material of the Sun is converted into energy

What's a Globular Cluster?

Globular cluster is a spherical collection of stars that orbits a galaxy as a satellite. Globular clusters are very closely held by gravity, which

Why stars cannot form on their own

It has been believed for some time that stars can form from a collapsing nebula. But is it actually possible? Let's look at processes that woul

How long did it take for light from the stars to reach us?

According to currently accepted models, light travels at the same speed in all parts of the universe, and it has always traveled at this speed. Dis

How many stars can be seen with an unaided eye?

The number of stars you see would, of course, depend on how bright your surrounding area is and how good your eye-sight is.. But under ideal dark s

The nearest star

One interesting fact about our nearest star, is that it's not just a single star, it's a multiple star system – two stars as bright a