Eris is a dwarf planet. It was put into a special classification of dwarf planets, a plutoid, along with the demoted Pluto. It orbits

WASP-12b - A Planet Eaten by its own Star

WASP-12 star is a yellow dwarf star, in the constellation Auriga, 870 light-years from Earth. The star has a planet orbiting it every 1.1 days. If

Hercules Planet HD 149026b or Osiris

The planet cannot be seen directly, yet it can be detected even by amatuer astronomers. Planets like these are discovered when studying the changes

Planet Saturn

Compared to Earth Saturn is about 9 times larger than the Earth. Because it is a "gas giant" planet, its volume is much b

How to make Mars habitable

Things humans would have to achieve to colonize Mars and make it habitable.


In Comparison to Earth Neptune weighs 5.6834×10^26 kg, 95 times more massive than our Earth. The force of gravity on its


In Comparison Its mass is slightly less then 1/1000th of the mass of the Sun, but 2.5 times larger than all the other planets of th

Planet Mars

Mars is rightfully called the "Red Planet" because the prevalence of iron oxide really gives the surface a reddish look. It has a real su


Atmosphere Uranus is very similar in composition to Neptune. Both are composed of Hydrogen and Helium in the upper atmosphere, and


The diameter of Venus is only 650 km less than that of Earth's, and its mass is 81.5% that of Earth's. But it is radically different from E

Planet Mercury

Mercury looks somewhat like our Moon, with heavily cratered regions of smooth plains and no significant atmosphere. It does not have any natural sa