A page where you learn about all the different space objects from a creation point-of-view.



Planet Mercury

Planet Mars

Ceres the asteroid or dwarf planet

Asteroid Belt

Europa - a moon of Jupiter


Planet Saturn


Scattered Disc - an outer asteroid belt of the Solar System


What is a Centaur

The 5 moons of Pluto

Kuiper Belt



Milky Way Galaxy

The nearest star

Eyes in the Sky NGC 2207 and IC 2163

Hercules Planet HD 149026 b or Osiris

What is a north star?

WASP-12b - A Planet Eaten by its own Star

Orion Nebula

Dumbbell Nebula

Carina Nebula

Eagle Nebula

The Heart Nebula

Cassiopeia A: An Exploded Star

Supernova Remnant Menagerie

Andromeda Galaxy

M81 Spiral Galaxy

Whirlpool Galaxy

M104 Galaxy or Sobrero Galaxy

Why is NGC 6240 tangled?

Cartwheel Galaxy

What is a pulsar

What are quasars