Here, we study of astronomy from a Christian perspective.

What's a Doppler Effect?

Doppler effect is stretching or compression of a wave as it moves. A good illustration would be to listen to a car zoom by you. As the car passes y

Electromagnetic Spectrum

The electronmagnetic spectrum is an array of light waves of different wavelengths. A wavelength is the distance between consecutive peaks of a wave

Organization of the cosmos

An overview of the structure of the universe, discussing the building blocks that make up the cosmos

What is a red-shift?

Red-shift concept explanation

Light as a wave and as a particle

Light behaves like a wave and like a particle. It travels in waves like water does, but can be counted with packets of energy.

The Big Bang Theory: Current Dilemmas

This article explores the realistic challanges an early universe would experience if it tried exploding out of itself in the beginning.

What is Dark Matter?

A general explanation of the dark matter concept.

Legacy of Tycho Brahe as an astronomer

A short bio of Tycho Brahe and his input into development of astronomy

How is the composition of a space object determine...

When an electron in an atom drops from one energy level to another, it gives off a specific amount of energy. It turns out that each element in the

Number of satellites orbiting the earth

Number of satellites orbiting the earth, along with some info about them.

What is a north star?

What is the north star in the sky, and why it never moves, astronomy discussion

When are the meteor showers?

When are the meteor showers, and what causes them

Where do Perseids come from

Where do those meteors that appear in late July to mid August come from

Where do Leonids come from?

Where do those meteors that appear in mid-November come from

Nicolaus Copernicus Biography

Born in Poland, in 1473, this man would change the way people view the universe. His birth name was Nicolaus Koppernigk.

Is the sun getting brighter?

Is the sun getting brighter and why